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EU Recommends Yetta for UBI
Yetta receives notable mention by World Economic Forum
European Countries join Blockchain Partnership

The EU Recommends Yetta to Member States

After assessing several cryptocurrencies, the EU recommends yetta as a preferred digital currency and payment solution. download eu report

Our Innovations

Yetta is a global monetary innovation and a next generation Blockchain and Cryptocurrency for the smart economy.

Payment System

Yetta is first and foremost a privacy enhanced peer-to-peer electronic cash system for sending money between two or more parties transacting at speeds more than 1000 times faster than Bitcoin.

Decode OS

decode os
DECODE OS leverages robust Unix technology and includes its own Virtual Machine and programming language, Yeti, for writing Smart Contracts and Decentralized Applications (DAPPS).

DGO Protocol

DGO Protocol
Yetta's Decentralized Governance Organization (DGO) Protocol enables the creation and governance of regulatory-compliant Security Tokens Offerings (STOs).

Dapp Store

Yetta will build and deploy several money transfer and financial services DAPPS across the public, private, and social and civic sectors.


Bitcoin has miners. Yetta has Cyphernodes. We have 3 types of Cyphernodes.
Our Cyphernodes are paid to maintain the integrity of the yetta Blockchain and our Electronic Cash System.


Micronodes will comprise the greatest percentage of Cyphernodes on yetta. Their installations will be supported on minimal computing devices, such as mobile devices, iPads, and laptops.


Mesonodes represent a full node capability and are the backbone of yetta, and can verify, sign, and write blocks to yetta.


Meganodes may operate standalone or in cloud computing environments and are resourced to process both monetary and smart contracts transactions.

A Global Monetary Innovation

Yetta will build and deploy Money Servicing and Financial Services Smart Contracts
and DAPPS across the Public, Private, and Social and Civic Sectors.


sort Trade Finance
receipt Invoice Factoring
copy Commercial Paper


paper-plane Remittances
move Private Placements
locked Security Tokens


heart e-Government
brain Tax Payments
piggy-bank Basic Income

Enter our $20M DAPP Store Challenge

Let's Monetize
Innovation Together

Yetta will allocate up to $20M from our ICO proceeds to fund the development of great Financial and Money Servicing Smart Contracts, Web Portals, and DAPPS that leverage yetta and the yetta Blockchain.

We are interested in funding projects that would fuel demand for yetta and would generate lots of money transfer transactions on yetta.

Stay Tuned

Token Sale

Yetta has two distinct token offerings for different types of users.

Private sale

Accredited Investors Only

The Private Sale is for Accredited Investors interested in purchasing yetta for speculative-value investment purposes only; and requires a minimum purchase of € 5,000.

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Public crowdsale

General Public Purchasers

The Public Crowdsale is for those interested in earning a lucrative income running a Cyphernode and participating in the governance of the yetta Blockchain. € 1 minimum purchase.

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Sustainable by Design


Yetta is the only blockchain that is GDPR compliant.